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SEO for Photographers by Fuel Your Photos

Dec 22, 2020

Why should you care about making money with your website? You’re a photographer after all.

Is monetizing your traffic worth the time and effort?

Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate income? 


  • Education promotion (courses, guides, ebooks, etc)
  • Preset reviews/promotion
  • Camera gear...

Dec 11, 2020

We discuss the main factors that we check when we see that a site has been affected by an algorithm change (or seen a ranking drop). 

How to use Google Search Console to see which pages / queries were affected. 

How to identify changes to the search engine results pages and the underlying intent being displayed. 


Dec 4, 2020

Cornerstone content is a topic full of grey area, misunderstanding, and confusion. We attempt to clarify the meanings and strategies based on this idea. 

We also introduce a new content type, the Hero Post. This can be a helpful way to differentiate between Cornerstone, Supporting, and Hero posts in your content...

Dec 1, 2020

We interview Nick Edmundson from Wandering Weddings, the directory for elopement photographers and vendors. 

We get his story behind creating the site, why he continues to push forward in the space, and get more details about his recent rebrand and website redesign. 

We have a great SEO discussion about the value of a...

Sep 14, 2020

We wanted to talk about our favorite keyword research tools and why we chose them.

We originally sat down to record this episode a few weeks ago, but quickly realized that we were making claims based on our own anecdotal evidence, and not on real data. 

So, we scrapped the recording, collected the data, and made...